End of Financial Year Sales 2018! – Use Coupon Code “EOFY18”

End of Financial Year Sales 2018! – Use Coupon Code “EOFY18”

One of the favourite times of year is now on – the End of Financial Year sales 2018! Where all businesses try to move as much stock as possible before closing their books for the year.


We have a warehouse TOO FULL of lawn games and we need to clear a massive amount of stock. All this month, get 5% flat discount on all games, also up to 33% off on selected Jenjo Games. This is the best place to buy great lawn games in Australia & New Zealand – our end of financial year sale only happens once a year so buy now and grab this amazing deal!!

1. Bubble Ball Adult – Save $28

The Bubble ball is perfect for games like Bubble Soccer, Sumo Bounce or even just to roll around in. You can take this anywhere from the backyard to the local park and even to the beach. I would recommend my Kids Size Bubble Ball  if your looking for a smaller size or cheaper option: https://www.jenjoes.com/product/kids-bubble-ball/

2. Carrom Championship Set – Save $120

Carrom is a strike and pocket tabletop board game. The game consists of a board and tokens are also known as strikers. Carrom is very popular in countries such as Sir Lanka, Nepal, India, Pakistan and surrounding areas. A lot of Cafes and clubs around these countries hold regular tournaments. Suitable for up to four players. The Objective of the game is to use a striker disk with a flick of the finger, to move the lighter disks called the Carrom coins into one of the four pockets.

3. Cornhole Game – Save $45

Cornhole game is a fantastic game for all ages 3+, the throwing distance can be changed due to the level of placing area or age or difficulty but the standard throwing distance between each cornhole board is 8.2m.

4. Giant Chinese Checkers – Save $28

If you are a fan of Chinese Checkers then you’have come to the right place. Buy our awesome Giant Chinese checkers, it comes with 60 Pawns that are separated by 6 different colours and the 68 cm (diameter) wooden board made Pinewood. Go ahead and tickle your brain with a game of Chinese Checkers today!

5. Giant Snakes Dots & Ladders – Save $45

Two Games in one Snakes Dots & Ladders consists of two Family Fun games. Snakes and Ladders and Dots. The two in one is designed so you can play it at any location. From your living room to your backyard to a local Park any location can be perfect.

6. Giant Hookey – Save $30

This classic board game is a great way to keep your children engaged indoors for long stretches. Also, it is suitable for all age group above 4+ years. This set includes 6 rubber rings. Hang up the Giant Hookey board and you can kick-start this fun game of skill.

7. Giant Wooden Dice – Save $23

Giant Wooden Dice is a fun and traditional dice game suitable for ages 3+ for both indoors and outdoors. Fantastic to take to a party, wedding, social event, games night, corporate events, excellent for home decor or family fun day.

8. Jenjo Scatter – Save $15

Scatter is an addictive tactical game suitable for all ages where players use their skill and judgement to knock over the twelve numbered wooden pins.

9. Wooden Frescobol Set – Save $28

Our Frescobol Bat Set is designed by hand with much love and care. Our target is to provide you with a top quality product that will last and withstand the elements. 100% Australian Made and Owned.

10. Premium Giant 4 – Save $30

Premium Giant 4 is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. It’s removable slot in legs for easy storage and only takes 1-2 minutes to put together. It includes a lightweight frame and 42 discs (21 each yellow and red colour). It is suitable for 2 or more players age above 3 years.

Save on the above games on this End of the Financial Year Sales!

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