Chess & Checkers

Chess & Checkers

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32 wooden chess pieces: 2 king, 2 queen, 4 rooks, 4 bishops, 4 knights, and 16 pawns.

24 wooden  checkers: White & Brown

Dimensions: 38x38x5cm

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Chess is a game that will challenge, excite and captivate you. The game of chess involves deep levels of strategy and tactics. In the game of chess each player commands an army of 16 chessmen and has the ultimate goal of beating the opposing army. Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered game board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals.

It is believed to originate out of India in the 7th century.

Chess is often cited by psychologists as an effective way to improve memory function.  Also allowing the mind to solve complex problems and work through ideas, it is no wonder that chess is recommended in the fight against Alzheimer’s.


  • 32 Carved wooden chess pieces
  • 24 Checkers pieces
  • Wooden chess board with a storage drawer
  • Dimensions are 38x38x5cm
  • Height of King piece is 8cm
  • Playing ages 6+ (please be careful of toddlers swallowing the chess pieces)
  • Overall weight is 3kg
  • Playing Rules included

32 wooden chess pieces:

  • 2 King
  • 2 Queen,
  • 4 Rooks
  • 4 Bishops
  • 4 Knights
  • 16 pawns

24 wooden checkers:

  • 12 White & 12 Brown

Titles and rankings

Grandmaster:  Is the highest title a chess player can attain. Rating of 2500

International Master: The conditions are similar to GM, but less demanding. Rating 2400

FIDE Master: The usual way for a player to qualify for the FIDE Master. Rating 2300 or more

Candidate Master: Similar to Fide Master, but with a FIDE. Rating 2200


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