Kids Sumo Suits

Kids Sumo Suits



Includes :

  • 1 Mat
  • Two Body Suits
  • Two Helmets
  • Two Gloves
  • Ages 3+ Years
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Kids sumo suits will be great addition for a kid’s birthday party. The sumo suit is made up of high-quality material and can be stored easily. It always feels great to be outside and do something that is different, fun and entertaining. With kids sumo suit, kids can have fun sumo wrestling with their friends and adults can enjoy watching them play. It always lets you creates some amazing memories around it. However, you need not worry about kids getting hurt while playing in kids sumo suit. They will be well protected by the suit, gloves and helmet that comes with the set. It can be easily set-up in your backyard, lawn or at parks near you.


Kids Sumo Suits Includes :

  • 1 Mat
  • Two Body Suits
  • Two Helmets
  • Two Gloves

Ages 3+ Years

Material: PVC and Fabric



Sumo Terms:

Chanko-nabe = A rich and filling stew with vegetables such as tofu, cabbage and bean sprouts mixed with seafood, chicken, pork or beef, and seasonings.

Heya = A “sumo stable,” the building where sumo wrestlers eat, sleep and train.

Mawashi = A heavy silk loincloth or belt worn by a sumo wrestler during a bout. Many winning tricks involve maneuvers with a grip on the opponent’s mawashi.

Rikishi = Literally, “strong man,” a general term for sumo wrestlers.

Shiko = Stomping in large, sweeping motions, alternating legs. Shiko is a form of both exercise and ritual; it is done both to train the lower half of the body and to sweep away evil spirits underfoot.


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